Auction Building & Pest Inspections

Building Inspections are very important to have before you bid for a property at an Auction, this will give you an idea on how much you should bid for.

You don’t want to outbid someone and to win the prize, only to know that the prize that you won is a house full of unexpected costly defects, which if you had known about by having a Building Inspection done, you would never had put in that bid.

When you buy at auction, you are accepting the property as it is, best to know what it is before you bid.

Without a pre-auction inspection many new home owners discover hidden building defects just as they commence their long awaited renovation plans. This often results in the costly repairs of their renovation project funds from finishes, fixtures and fittings into basic treatment and structural repairs.

Ultimately, the most critical areas of inspection are never seen during your auction inspections, while you are comparing kitchen fittings and bathroom finishes, it is arguable that your biggest headaches actually are under the floor or above your head. How many people you know would check out the subfloor space and roof void during an open house for Auction.