Pre-Purchase Inspections Building & Termites

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is Building Inspection for a property prior to completing a purchase contract. In most cases, it is a condition of your purchase contract.

A Building Inspector identifies potential building faults and issues that may affect your decision to buy the property and ensure that you are fully informed about the condition of any structures on the property, prior to completion of the purchase contract. The Building Inspection and Report are essential to providing you with peace of mind. They would usually identify the following issues:

  • Serious safety hazards requiring urgent repairs to make the building safe.
  • Major defects that require repair or replacement beyond the scope of normal maintenance.
  • Minor defects are generally superficial and typically fit into normal or expected property maintenance routines.
  • All building defects that you are concerned with.

Pre-Purchase Inspections are great if you are concerned with any cracking, water problems, or other issues. Let an ALLINSPECT Inspector take the worry out of your next purchase with a Pre-Purchase Inspection and explain what you need to do to fix it.

We will inspect all types of buildings from a small unit to a large property on acreage, as well as commercial. We think that a picture tells a thousand words, check at the gallery photos. They are our photos taken by the inspectors.