New Units

01 May 2024

It is highly recommended to have your new unit inspected before handover.

Look at this view

24 Jan 2024

We love these views, doing PCI on acreage properties. #boonah @allinspect

First day back 15/01/2024

15 Jan 2024

Great first day.

The first day back was a mixed bag of inspections, slab, frame, enclosed, waterproofing, PCI, and Building and Pest for the inspectors.

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10 Nov 2023

You should receive these items from the builder at the Handover stage.

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Tip about wall wrap/Sisalation

31 Oct 2023

Sisalation/wall wrap that has been exposed for many months and has become damaged and the reflective layer is pealing off the Sisalation/wall wrap should be replaced. Check out our Facebook page

Above average Builder

20 Sep 2023

Well done to Brighton Homes with two inspections on the same day in two different areas, both above average standard.

Wow, that is all you can say.

30 Jun 2023

Sliding door unsupported. We could not believe this was presented as finished. How bad is this? And termites would love it too.