Pre-purchase Building & Termites

07 Aug 2018

Building & Pest at Labrador the inspector with a keen eye found termite mudding that even the owners did not know was there as they just had their annual termite inspection. Have your Pre-purchase Building & Pest done today with ALLINSPECT

Redhill Handover

07 Aug 2018

Pipes not painted as per AS/NZS 2032 and AS 3500.3 they are required to be painted. Have a handover inspection done today.

Bridgeman Downs Inspection

05 Aug 2018

The wall was found not to be as per plan on the ensclosed inspection. Have stage inspections done today don’t delay call 3297 0345

Defects for new construction

19 Jan 2018

Would you know that this was a defect?

We do contact us before you make last payment we will make sure your build is up to standard.